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Our Logo

    HR Solutions adopts the eagle as our emblem since it is regarded as one of nature's finest hunters

    Sharp-eyed and focused in its search for its prey and astute in sizing its target Discreet - operates from a distance yet highly effective.

    Accurate and purposeful in its selection.

Our Aim

    HR Solutions aims to serve clients towards whom we can dedicate our efforts and discipline in order to establish a long term strategic business partnership in recruitment.

    To do this, we only select a certain self-restricted number of clients from any one particular industry.

Our Methodology

    HR Solutions' methodology has proven effective in managing a wide portfolio of jobs from diverse industries.

    In fact HR Solutions has imposed a self-restriction on serving only a specific number of clients in each industry in order to avoid any problem of 'cannibalising' and the risk of 're-cycling' from the same pool of candidates.

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